May 28, 2010

Folk Art Horn With Applied Antler Tip

This large 18th century Folkart Powder Horn is 13 inches long around the outside curve and is approximately 2-1/8 inches in diameter at the butt. A nice long slender horn that has a hollowed walnut buttplug and a lathe turned and applied Antler spout with an ebony wood violin peg spout plug and a tapered spout hole. Strap attachment is by a metal staple in the buttplug. This is a right side carry horn with a double curve and is initialed and dated. Scrimshaw details include a panel with floral designs, a typical 18th century angel, four fish, a sea monster, an Irish angel on a harp, an Indian head with a bird on top, and a cartouche with "No Man Sees His Shadow Who Always Faces The Sun".